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Puroxi does a lot more


.Puroxi (OB) Video Presentation

For independent observations of Puroxi (OB) use by farms in various operations – click here.

 ~ Clean, clear, nutritional, water is our passion! ~

  • Why Oxy Blast?

    Why PUROXI? (TM)

    PUROXI brand products have proven to be very beneficial for livestock, poultry and home owners by purifying their water supply without affecting its nutritional value. PUROXI (OB) is safe and effective at reducing many of the problems associated with well-water & chemically-treated water.

  • Business Opportunities


    This product creates a unique business opportunity with the potential for the right people to earn a substantial income at the distibutor level and to make long-lasting relationships with your customers. You can use this high quality system to supplement your retail business or as a stand-alone product.

  • testmonial banner


    “Zak, those other products cleaned my water; the hydrogen peroxide did a little bit better than the other products … but this does a lot more! I realize now that … it is saving me in antibiotics and it is definitely worth it.”

    .“The Keys to our success are the effectiveness of our products and putting people first” ~ Zak


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