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Certified Consultant Program

CWQA specialist logo Our Certified Consultant Program offers our expertise that we have gained through years of experience and certification training.  We have earned the confidence of many potential and current customers with our know-how and proficiency after completing an in-depth consultation process.   Once they know all the facts about their water, they can make the right choices, with complete trust in our recommendations and treatment.  

Consultant Program Procedure  

  • You have a serious water purification issue that you would like to solve, however, you want someone to come in and work with you on a hands-on basis over a few days.
  • You don’t want to work with someone that is only there to sell you their product or equipment.
  • You are willing to have specific products or equipment, as recommended by us, to help in the experimental process. You can either buy locally or from us, at your discretion.
  • You are willing to do some experimenting on site with your water and send it to an independent lab to gauge the progress of our experiment until it is accomplished. (Sometimes, we need to make adjustments to find the exact right formula)
  • All experiments, analysis, and recommendations will be performed by a Certified Water Specialist.
  • The onsite experiment of your water will continue until the issues are solved.  
  • We will provide ongoing consultation by phone for a period of 3 months.
  • You are willing to cover all costs of travel and accommodation for the technician during the process.
  • You are willing to pay us a flat-rate fee, previously agreed on.  The fee is based on the challenge of the project and the hours needed.

If you purchase any of our products, you will have to buy them from a local Distributor, if we have one in your area; if not, it’s your choice where to buy them. While we offer for sale, all of the products required throughout the experiment, you will never be obligated buy from us. You will always have full control of your choice of suppliers when buying any products required.  

When we are finished, we will ask that you evaluate the results of our service. If you have genuine, valid reasons that our service did not produce the results that we claimed, we will offer you a 100% refund of the flat-rate fee you paid us.  All documents and reports remain in your possession.     .

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