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Welcome to PUROXI Pure Water Global Inc.

PUROXI (TM) Pure Water Global Inc.  provides effective, customized solutions for water treatment, purification and conservation, with a family of natural products and unsurpassed expertise.  Our products and services have proven very successful for agriculture, livestock, well water, ponds & lagoons.  They are also ideally suited for residential, municipal, and commercial applications. 

~ Clean, clear, nutritional, water is our passion! ~


~ PUROXI (OB) ~ Proprietary Customized Water Treatment

PUROXI (OB) helps overcome the negative effects of heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants in well or tap water.  Puroxi (OB) is a powerful yet versatile oxidant. It is natural, safe and effective.  It has been widely used for a variety of applications, especially in water treatment and purification. You can find out about many other benefits and features as you read through this site and by following the links provided. PUROXI (OB) is a unique blend of proprietary ingredients customized for each application, approved for use by the USDA and EPA.  Our results prove that it does more for your animals than any competing product.  Quality products give you quality results.  Inferior products use fillers to dilute the ingredients to reduce their cost in order to appear more economical, which means that you need to use more.  However, Puroxi (OB) contains no fillers, making it more effective and eventually more economical.   It’s like making an investment in order to get dividends; without the investment, you don’t realize the return.  If you have never paid to fix your water issues, it looks like an added cost.  However, if you view it as an investment and see a net financial return which more than exceeds the cost of the treatment, wouldn’t you be interested?  This is the biggest challenge for us and our Distributors, as customers always look at the initial cost, which is the only actual figure they see prior to using our product.  Click here for some interesting facts about Puroxi Ingredient Advantages

 How could you benefit from safe, clean, clear nutritional water?


 ~ PUROXI ~ Crops, Plants, Hydroponics

PUROXI (OB) for Plants and Crops  is the best way to treat your water, in a safe, natural, eco-friendly way to provide better health, resistance to disease, and increased yields.


 ~ PURALYTICS ~ Pure Water ~ Naturally

SolarBag – uses natural sunlight to purify water without chemicals or electricity.

The Shield – uses the latest LED and nanotechnology to purify water without chemicals.

LilyPad –  the most effective eco-friendly treatment of contaminated water run-off from storms, industrial, agriculture, and spill recovery, using only the power of the sun.



UltraSonic technology – completely safe for the environment & all life forms.  Low energy use; no filters, membranes, or other consumable items used.  Internationally recognized, certified and endorsed.



Scaletron – Absolutely the most effective green way to treat hard water and scale deposits WITHOUT the need for electrical power, salts, chemicals, or filters.  Proven science with extensive documentation recognized by U.S. Green Building Council, WRAS, CLT, NSF, and other international associations.


Please read on to discover the many features and benefits of our services & unique family of natural products … .

Click here watch our Puroxi (OB) Video Presentation!  

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Certified Consultant Program

We invite you to take advantage of our expertise that we have gained through years of experience and certification training. Click here for details.


What’s in Your Water?

 tap water

  CBC investigation finds testing approach varies across country

We are especially passionate about preserving, conserving, and recycling our most precious resource. Please click here and see how you can make a difference.

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“Farmers Feed Cities” so remember, “Eat today … thank a farmer”

    • Why PUROXI ? (TM)

      PUROXI brand products have proven to be very beneficial for livestock, poultry and home owners by purifying their water supply without affecting its nutritional value. Puroxi (OB)is safe and effective at reducing many of the problems associated with well-water & chemically-treated water.

    • Opportunities

      This product creates a unique business opportunity with the potential for the right people to earn a substantial income at the distributor level and to make long-lasting relationships with your customers. You can use this high quality system to supplement your retail business or as a stand-alone product.

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      “Zak, those other products cleaned my water; the hydrogen peroxide did a little bit better than the other products … but this does a lot more! I realize now that … it is saving me in antibiotics and it is definitely worth it.”

      .“The Keys to our success are the effectiveness of our products and putting people first” ~ Zak


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